A ROSE FOR EMILY is a short story by William Faulkner.

DRIVEN BY THOUGHTS ( DEEPAK KUMAR ) A ROSE FOR EMILY is a short story by William Faulkner.This story depicts the life of Miss Emily Grierson who finds it very hard to accept the chalanges of life and eventually starts to live in hallucinations.As I go through the story paragraph by paragraph, Miss Emily’s life unfolds the various mysteries about her abnormal behaviour and she appears like a stubborn,isolated,rigid,careless,pessimistic and a woman with a high superiority complex.She not only makes her life miserable but also she makes whosoever close to her suffer too.Homer Barron and her Black servant are the two persons who pay for her arrogance and eccentric attitude. The author has portrayed the various angles of Miss Emily’s life and make us think bout a life who is been seems to be like a symbol of neglect.But as we look around, we find lots and lots of people who comes above the predicament of their lives and emerge as winners.Even pepole with walking disabilities cross the English channel.The life is full of optimism but one has to come above the ego and false dignity.Sadly,this is not the case with miss Emily Grierson.She is not adaptive of changing pahse of society.she is dependent and pessimistic.She prefer to depend on her dreams rather than going out and asking for help just because of her ego.Her thoughts have made her a victim of neglect and eventually she became criminal by murdering a man she loves. …

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