A little boy is always being violently beaten up by he’s drunken dad.

A little boy is always being violently beaten up by he’s drunken dad. He uses he’s dog’s barking as a warning device to tell him if he’s dad is coming home drunk. In this story, injustice can be seen from three different points of views. The boy’s, the mother’s and the father’s. From the little boy’s point of view, we can see that justice is not being served because he has not done anything wrong but gets being beaten up. He constantly lives in fear and in the end is forced to run away from he’s home. It is also unjust for the mother because she feels she can’t do her job. She wants to protect she son, as seen from the quote, “Don’t you hit him!” She also feels her need to defend her husband, as seen from another quote from the story, “Your father loves you” when the boy suggested that they run away together. In the end, the child is forced to run away and even though we don’t read this in the story, the mother is feeling somewhat sad and disappointed that because of her husband, she has lost her son. Even though we might not all feel that the father is treated with injustice as well, I strongly believe that he actually is. He might be the one that is causing all the pain and trouble in the family, but justice is not served as in the story, it mentions that the father is, “A nice bloke till he gets a beer in him”, and he’s sober side does not deserve to loose he’s only son. He beats up his son because he is drunk and cannot control his actions. Deep down in he’s heart, we know that the father cares for his son and wife and is regretful in the end that he has forced he’s son to run away. All in all, justice is once again not served and the family is forced to be torn apart. Chill This poem is about a killer and a victim, walking along a beach, thinking about what has just happened. The judge sets the killer free and drives off in he’s Mercedes Benz, leaving the victim sad, angry an…

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