A leader is not always the higher team in the bowl rankings or the runner who ran an entire race and finished fir

Contrary to popular belief, a leader is not always the higher team in the bowl rankings or the runner who ran an entire race and finished first. In fact, a leader is many different things to different people in different circumstances. When people think of a leader, they think of famous individuals like George Washington, Martin Luther King, or Mother Theresa. Most people do not explore the fact that leaders can be everyday people who may never become famous. Most people do not ponder the idea that leaders are everywhere. Most people do not know that leaders are teachers, parents, and soldiers. From elementary educators to college professors, teachers are valuable leaders of the past, present, and future. Teachers are leaders who influence, motivate, inspire, and cause desired actions and reactions by others. Teachers assist students in achieving their goals and set an overall positive example for others to follow. Educators do not have to go to college and acquire a degree to lead. Teachers are also leaders who are dependable and range from friends to peers. By dependable, I mean teachers are reliable humans who never give up educating their students. They are unyielding and tenacious in the pursuit of education and educating. Without the knowledge that teachers share, parents would never be the leaders they are today. In the early stages of childhood, children depend on their parents to lead them in the right direction. Parents are everyday leaders by getting up everyday and going to work, so their children can have the basic necessities. Parents mold their children with fairness and love while teaching them to lead. They develop their children’s self confidence with hopes of meeting all Pg. 2 life’s challenges. Without parents, children would fall by the wayside. My parents always taught me what was right and wrong, always took care of me, and always led me in the right direction. I graduated high sc…

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