A Comparison of the Climates in Three Locations in the World

The world features a number of regions with climates that can be very diverse. I am comparing the general climates “? focusing on average temperatures, rainfall and snowfall amounts, and sunrise/sunset times “? of three locations in the world: London, England, United Kingdom; Sydney, Australia; and Verkhoyansk, Siberia, Russian Federation. London is in a temperate zone of the world, average temperatures don’t vary far from freezing in the winter to quite warm in the summer. The temperatures average around just above freezing in the mid-winter, around January, to about 22???øC at the peak of summer, in July and August (Henson 272). Average rainfall ranges around 988 mm in January to around 315 mm in July (Henson 272). Throughout a year, London may get an average of 25 days when snow has fallen. Since London is in a temperate zone “? the North Temperate Zone, to be exact “? the Summer Solstice is either on 20 or 21 June of every year; and the Winter Solstice is on either 21 or 22 December of every year (Silverstein 29 “? 30). Sunrise and sunset times are pretty evenly distributed across the year; with mid-March clocking in at 06:14 for sunrise and 18:04 for sunset, mid-June having sunrise at 04:44 and sunset at 21:16, mid-September’s sunrise being at 06:04 and sunset at 19:14, and mid-December’s sunrise occurring at 07:57 and sunset at 15:52 (Henson 272). Sydney, another city in a temperate zone “? this time the South Temperate Zone “? has similar temperature ranges as London, with approximitely 26???øC (in mid-December) being the highest on average found in a year and about 7???øC (in mid-July) being the lowest on average for the year (Henson 353). Since Sydney is in the South Temperate Zone, the seasons begin at opposite times of the year from London; with summer starting on either 21 or 22 December and winter beginning on either 20 or 21 June of every year (Silverstein 30). Rainfall is a little higher in Sydney when compared to …

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