A Change in Attitude

A CHANGE IN ATTITUDE “No, no! I don’t want to let go my life. Oh god, save me. I don’t want to lose my life so early,” a soldier cries desperately when he goes down by a bullet. At that moment he doesn’t realize how many of his enemies he had killed in this manner or how many of them had cried like he was doing right now, but still he had fired at them, ruthlessly, again and again until they were lifeless and dead. Yesterday I had this dream, which made me realize how much each and everyone of us love our own life but we really don’t care about other’s lives. And the word that struck my mind immediately after I woke up was SELFISHNESS. But if you were to ask me if that soldier is to be blamed for his selfish nature I would say no. Everyone in this world is selfish even though people deny this fact. If ever I met these kind of hypocrites I would ask them, will you try to save somebody’s life when you know that you are risking your own life to do so? Would you give your food to someone if you yourself hadn’t eaten for three days although the person may not have eaten for five days? Surely, they wouldn’t. In other words they cannot, proving each and everyone in this world in self-centered, however small quantity it might be in. What does it matter if all the people are selfish if there are no serious consequences? But it greatly matters because selfishness is the main reason for inequality, hatred and violence. You can take, for instance, the Kashmir issue. The Indian government is selfish and it doesn’t want to give up Kashmir or even a part of it. It is the same case with Pakistan. Both the sides do not want to compromise. Why should they give up what they have and what do they care about the thousands of people who have died there? Life has been going on and it will! This root cause has been spreading violence in Kashmir since 1948 and this issue has brought in hatred between Indians and Pakistanis. So, hasn’t selfishness…

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