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assignment Respond by remarking on how their selected institutions contrast with to those you selected. colleagues post: Diversity Statements ? Institutional Description One institution that I came across as I researched diversity statements was Dartmouth College. Dartmouth is a member of the Ivy League and was founded in 1769. Dartmouth has a single identity witch is a commitment to undergraduate liberal arts and graduate education. Dartmouth?s diversity statement can be found here: A second institution I came upon during researching diversity statements was Iona College. Iona College opened in 1940 with a goal of opening new paths to economic and social advancement for the working class of New York. Iona is located in New Rochelle, NY and is a Catholic college in the tradition of the Christian Brothers and American Catholic higher education. Iona?s diversity statement can be found here: Diversity Statements ? Overview I found it interesting that Dartmouth College has an entire office dedicated to institutional diversity and equity (Dartmouth 2016). Dartmouth?s diversity statement focuses on the concept that multiple values, beliefs, interests and experiences enrich the student learning process. Dartmouth also believes that diversity needs to extend beyond academics. The college promotes that respect for different cultures create an environment of service that spreads across the college as a whole. Iona?s diversity statement ties into the college?s Catholic heritage. Iona seeks to promote an inclusive environment to foster an appreciation for diversity. Iona also believes that diversity enriches the educational environment by teaching respect for differences which stimulate teaching and learning (Iona 2016). Diversity Statements ? Comparison In reviewing each diversity statement, both touch on diversity throughout the whole institution and not just within the academic departments. Both colleges also spoke to value if diversity in promoting inclusiveness for all. Iona?s diversity statement touches on diversity among the administration and staff as well as the students. While Dartmouth?s diversity statement does not specifically mention administration and staff, it does seem to be inferred with references to the college as a whole. References Dartmouth. (2016). Retrieved March 28, 2016, from Iona. (2016). Retrieved March 28, 2016, from

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