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Research Methods This coursework involves testing the CAPM theory You will use one market index and 12 companies daily data and these companies should be from at least three different sectors. The sample period should be the latest 2 years in length (for example, from Jan 2014 to Jan 2016). The required data can be downloaded from Yahoo finance: Data collection for twelve companies Considering three different sectors Collecting Risk-free rate Tasks: Using data for the entire sample period, run a time-series regression for each of the selected companies. Specifically, regress each company return onto a constant and a market excess return. Verify, in each case, there exists a significant beta. Report the t-statistic for alpha and the R-squared for each company. Discuss your results and the merits and demerits of CAPM analysis. Discuss whether your results are sensitive to sector characteristics. You need to do all the above tasks and submit your results in a report form (references, format, academic writing style etc. minimum 1500 words). Brief notes: For CAPM, we use simple regression to estimate the ?? values. Here the dependent variable is stock return of the individual firms () and the independent variable is the market return (). In the above simple regression, the coefficient of the market return is In words, the coefficient represents Covariance (market return (), individual stock return ())/variance of market return () = Since , the coefficient of the market return in the regression analysis is actually

When is the trial balance prepared? What is the purpose of preparing a trial balance? What does ( 260+ words)

When is the trial balance prepared? What is the purposeof preparing a trial balance? What does the trial balance tell you?What does the trial balance not tell you? Why not use the trialbalance to report financial information internally and externally?What limitations does it have over formal financialstatements?

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Part A Research and critically assess (not simply a passive description) one research article that focuses on Inventory Management. This must be from a peer reviewed journal (i.e International Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Production Economics,etc)1,000 words Part B1.Using a large Department store as an example, carry out an examination of, analysis and recommendations for the following operations management element within the organisation.Inventory Management.Research and critically asses the application/ practice of the inventory management element in the organisation.2.Write a report for the senior management team on (a) findings and conclusions of your research (b) your recommendations for improving inventory management and (c)the potential benefits for the organization. 2700 words

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Background 3D laser scanning technology has been around for about three decades now (Mongeon, 2015). The first uses of 3D technology in architecture and engineering was digital measurement and documentation of objects and shapes. This technology has since grown to replace some of the traditional techniques in the field of engineering, making it a prospective investment for future engineering projects. With the widespread application of 3D technology in engineering, specialists in IT technology have come up with various hardware and software that has revolutionized the practice (Govindn et al., 2016). Einscan-S Desktop 3D scanner is one of the latest technologies that have been developed and is currently being among the leading products in the 3D printing field. The machine is a desktop 3D scanner that according to the manufacturers, delivers printable 3D models with comparatively high accuracy for a range of creative 3D printing applications  (, 2015). While the application of the machine ranges across a variety of industries, it is highly suitable for industrial modelling application. According to Galantucci et al. (2014), one of the main reason why such technology is appropriate for industrial modelling is because it has non-contact measuring ability, and it is user-friendly for customization. Research objectives The proposed research objectives are as follows: Develop knowledge in 3d scanning Apply skills to engineering applications Verify and appreciate results and outcomes To evaluate the current developments in laser scanning technology with special reference to white light scanning technology such as; EinScan-S Desktop 3D scanner To determine the current abilities of application of EinScan-S Desktop 3D scanner in production of industrial shapes and models To determine the limits of the application of EinScan-S Desktop 3D scanner in the production of various shapes and models Significance of study The major significance of this project will be alerting industrial engineers of the potential of emerging 3D scanning technology in the field. Specifically, the study will help to establish the profitable application of EinScan-S Desktop 3D scanner in industries. Given the amount of investment that is dedicated to developing new technologies and solutions in industry, it is imperative that sufficient research is done to help guide the stakeholders, who are comprised of the engineers, business owners and customers, in making the right decisions. Moreover, this research will provide information for the developers of 3D modelling machinery to improve for better application and profitability. From an industrial perspective, the research will contribute towards the development of high quality shapes that can be used in different applications in the field of engineering. Methodology To conduct the study, the researcher will apply a direct testing method to collect data about the application of EinScan-S Desktop 3D scanner in measuring and producing industrial models. Given this, the approach will be based on the complementarity of the data that will be produced from various 3D measurements of a number of basic shapes, which include circular, rectangular, square and irregular objects, among others. Further, the researcher will look to test the limits and challenges to shape modelling, based on parameters such as the complexity of the shape and size of the objects. Resources The resources to be used in this project include different research reports on related topics. And for the experimental work, the main resources will be an EinScan-S Desktop 3D scanner machine, laptop for data analysis, CAD software, printing material, 3d printer and plastic models of various shapes 2.5d and full 3d. References: Galantucci, L. M., Lavecchia, F., Percoco, G., & Raspatelli, S. (2014). New method to calibrate and validate a high-resolution 3D scanner, based on photogrammetry. Precision Engineering, 38(2), 279-291. Govindan, P., Wang, B., Ravi, P., & Saniie, J. (2016). Hardware and software architectures for computationally efficient three-dimensional ultrasonic data compression. IET Circuits, Devices & Systems, 10(1), 54-61. Mongeon, B. (2015). 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting and Milling. CRC Press. (2015). Blue Light 3D scanner EeScan series. Retrieved 25 January 2015 from:

What policies would you recommend to a country that has a low birth rate (and therefore a declining population) that

What policies would you recommend to a country that has a low birth rate (and therefore a declining population) that wants to increase its population growth and birth rate? Discuss at least 2 policies and make sure your policies encompass ideas that would help increase birth rates, population rates, and economic sustainability.