Medical Coding

ÿDescribe the type of data that is gathered when coding an External Cause code. What information is needed? What is the significance of the information? How can it be used? How and when should an external cause be coded?Give an example of a code and the information that is provided as part of the code you selected.

health finance and project management-project plan Research Paper

develop a 2,000-word Project Plan based one of the attached case studies. Your Plan needs to include: 1. Project Goal, Objective and Strategies 2. Work breakdown structure to detail tasks; schedule, sequencing and timeframe 3. Risk analysis and contingency plans 4. Project resources required 5. Budget 6. Communications and reporting

healthcare management

Using your instructor’s and peers’ feedback and suggestions, complete your final draft of the Key Assignment from Week 4.Healing Hands Hospital is preparing financially for the many different reimbursement changes associated with Medicare Advantage Plans. You and your financial team have been asked to evaluate your current billing and operations workflow processes to incorporate the current trends.Submit a 700-word paper outlining the financial trends for Healing Hands Hospital’s chief financial officer and team, and include the following:Include a minimum of 3 outside sources, and be sure to document your references using APA format.For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.